About DIGS Decor

A Few Words About DIGS Decor:

 Good Design should be accessible and affordable to all.

 It's easy to make expensive mistakes when you DIY or order furnishings, accessories and design materials online.  

We're committed to Shaping, Planning & Decorating your space 

based on your vision and our creative expertise.

Why Choose Us

More than 25 years experience in Residential Interior Design combined with good listening and people skills.

Our Mission

To make good Interior Design affordable and accessible to all.

Our Vision

Digs Decor recognizes that the Client's vision is the one that matters.  Our goal is to bring that vision to life and on budget!

What We Do

Space Planning,

Color Consultation

Furnishings & Materials

Window Coverings

Wall Decor

Art & Accessories 

Meet Nan Krigbaum 

Since Nan acquired her Interior Design degree in 1992,  from Bellevue College in Washington State,  her work has taken her to Seattle, Honolulu, Palm Springs, Austin and San Antonio. Nan enjoyed 10 years at San Antonio's 

Interior Trade Cartel, where she assisted Interior Designers to find the perfect pieces for their projects.

   While her personal style can be described as colorful and eclectic, she enjoys the challenge of bringing her client's dreams to life in a space that meets their needs and brings joy!

Nan Krigbaum

Creative Director - Design Consultant